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11 Situations you would experience only in a Mumbai Local

The Mumbai local trains are an integral part of Mumbaikars’ Life! They commute more than 7million passengers every day. Each day is a new day if you care to notice what is happening around you. You see different kinds of people and different things happening around you. Sometimes there are fights, laughter, songs, random conversations, new friends etc. So if you are in Mumbai and never been on local trains, you are missing a great experience. I have had a wonderful time travelling in the local trains So when my friend Sandeep Sugumaran tried to list a few incidents that he has experienced/seen in a Mumbai local, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Have a fun time reading!

1. The Voice of God, will punish you for your lies

This is a true incident I witnessed and couldn’t control my laughter.

Guy on call: Bro, sorry man. I just crossed Bandra. I’ll give it tomorrow.

Voice of God: Agla station, Bandra 😀

The expression on his face was priceless. He then got down at Bandra.

local train stories

Source: Tumblr

2. Wore slippers and got into a crowded local?

If you want to get into a crowded local wearing slippers, then be prepared to get out with sore or bleeding feet.

Train Travel

Source: Tumblr

3. Carry a waste cloth/waste paper during monsoon and sit like a boss

During rainy season, even though the local train compartment is full, the window seat will be empty. No one wants to take the pain of wiping the water off the seat. So carry a waste cloth\newspaper to wipe the rain water off the window seats and sit like a boss.

train travel

Source: Tumblr

4. This train too shall pass

During peak hours, some trains will be so crowded that you can’t even hang outside. So wait there and say “This train too shall pass” till you get a little space to fit inside.


Source: Tumblr

5. Guys who run faster than Usain Bolt to board the train and realise it was a ladies special train

This has happen to me several times. I see a train when on the bridge and I run dodging human obstacles to realise it was a ladies special train.

running for a train

Source: Tumblr

6. When standing in a crowded local, take a peek into people’s phone and ROFL at the names of their whatsapp groups

The whatsapp group names can make your day.

Some of them be like:

Gangs of Kandivali

Hunny Bunny Group

Andar Aana Mana Hai

Cousins Rock

Girls Vs Boys

And the list goes on and on….

Train Travel

Source: Tumblr

7. There should be a special compartment for short people in the Mumbai Local to spare them from stinking armpits

Short people who travel by local train would have mastered the breathing exercise. While the average adult breathing rate is 12 to 18 times a minute, a short person in a crowded local would be just 4-5.



8. Can you guess your co-passengers deodorant in a crowded local?

Axe+Fogg+Nivea+Adidas+Nike+WildStone+Sweat+Local Deo+ Fart smell like? Hmmm try the local train at 9am on a working day.


Source: Tumblr

9. Do you have a back problem and need a massage?

Just wait at the platform of either Dadar/Kurla station during peak hours. You will be pushed inside, given a proper massage and then pushed outside with no effort of yours. Running late to college/work and can’t iron your shirt? If you travel by local train during peak hours, you don’t need to. Your fellow co-passengers will iron them for you. Try it!


Source: Tumblr

10. Ever got into a compartment where people sing Bhajans everyday?

This could either be a great sight if you love culture or it can get very annoying if you expect a peaceful journey. The small groups are called Bhajan Mandals (A Musical Prayer Group) and they sing hymns and play music all the way from one end station to the other.

Train Travel

Source: Rediff

11. Have you seen a Professor begging in flawless English on a local train compartment?

That is none other than Prof. Sandeep Desai, who has raised more than 50 lakhs to run English medium schools in rural Maharashtra. He carries cut outs of his interviews in different newspapers and bows down to anyone who contributes. He is usually seen between Malad and Bandra on the western line. The next time you see him, say hi and contribute a little for those kids.

Train Travel

Though we all love to hate travelling in a Mumbai Local, we just cannot do without it and yes, it strongly signifies the spirit of Mumbai. I’ve had some amazing memories. 😀 What is your best and worst memory of travelling in a local train?


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