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11 Situations you would experience only in a Mumbai Local

The Mumbai local trains are an integral part of Mumbaikars’ Life! They commute more than 7million passengers every day. Each day is a new day if you care to notice what is happening around you. You see different kinds of people and different things happening around you. Sometimes there are fights, laughter, songs, random conversations, new friends etc. So if you are in Mumbai and never been on local trains, you are missing a great experience. I have had a wonderful time travelling in the local trains So when my friend Sandeep Sugumaran tried to list a few incidents that he has experienced/seen in a Mumbai local, I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

Have a fun time reading!

1. The Voice of God, will punish you for your lies

This is a true incident I witnessed and couldn’t control my laughter.

Guy on call: Bro, sorry man. I just crossed Bandra. I’ll give it tomorrow.

Voice of God: Agla station, Bandra 😀

The expression on his face was priceless. He then got down at Bandra.

local train stories

Source: Tumblr

2. Wore slippers and got into a crowded local?

If you want to get into a crowded local wearing slippers, then be prepared to get out with sore or bleeding feet.

Train Travel

Source: Tumblr

3. Carry a waste cloth/waste paper during monsoon and sit like a boss

During rainy season, even though the local train compartment is full, the window seat will be empty. No one wants to take the pain of wiping the water off the seat. So carry a waste cloth\newspaper to wipe the rain water off the window seats and sit like a boss.

train travel

Source: Tumblr

4. This train too shall pass

During peak hours, some trains will be so crowded that you can’t even hang outside. So wait there and say “This train too shall pass” till you get a little space to fit inside.


Source: Tumblr

5. Guys who run faster than Usain Bolt to board the train and realise it was a ladies special train

This has happen to me several times. I see a train when on the bridge and I run dodging human obstacles to realise it was a ladies special train.

running for a train

Source: Tumblr

6. When standing in a crowded local, take a peek into people’s phone and ROFL at the names of their whatsapp groups

The whatsapp group names can make your day.

Some of them be like:

Gangs of Kandivali

Hunny Bunny Group

Andar Aana Mana Hai

Cousins Rock

Girls Vs Boys

And the list goes on and on….

Train Travel

Source: Tumblr

7. There should be a special compartment for short people in the Mumbai Local to spare them from stinking armpits

Short people who travel by local train would have mastered the breathing exercise. While the average adult breathing rate is 12 to 18 times a minute, a short person in a crowded local would be just 4-5.



8. Can you guess your co-passengers deodorant in a crowded local?

Axe+Fogg+Nivea+Adidas+Nike+WildStone+Sweat+Local Deo+ Fart smell like? Hmmm try the local train at 9am on a working day.


Source: Tumblr

9. Do you have a back problem and need a massage?

Just wait at the platform of either Dadar/Kurla station during peak hours. You will be pushed inside, given a proper massage and then pushed outside with no effort of yours. Running late to college/work and can’t iron your shirt? If you travel by local train during peak hours, you don’t need to. Your fellow co-passengers will iron them for you. Try it!


Source: Tumblr

10. Ever got into a compartment where people sing Bhajans everyday?

This could either be a great sight if you love culture or it can get very annoying if you expect a peaceful journey. The small groups are called Bhajan Mandals (A Musical Prayer Group) and they sing hymns and play music all the way from one end station to the other.

Train Travel

Source: Rediff

11. Have you seen a Professor begging in flawless English on a local train compartment?

That is none other than Prof. Sandeep Desai, who has raised more than 50 lakhs to run English medium schools in rural Maharashtra. He carries cut outs of his interviews in different newspapers and bows down to anyone who contributes. He is usually seen between Malad and Bandra on the western line. The next time you see him, say hi and contribute a little for those kids.

Train Travel

Though we all love to hate travelling in a Mumbai Local, we just cannot do without it and yes, it strongly signifies the spirit of Mumbai. I’ve had some amazing memories. 😀 What is your best and worst memory of travelling in a local train?

Make up look for office
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Effortless curls and easy make up for office!

Maintaining curls ain’t easy. But it doesn’t mean it is impossible. I have previously shared some of my tips on how I maintain my curls and manage to style them using a few products!

Many think that people with curly hair don’t need curling gels. That’s quite wrong! When curls get unmanageable, a good product can help you style the effortlessly. Question is which products should you use? I have reviewed a few products earlier. Do take a look!

I recently had the chance to review Foxy Curls by Bed Head TIGI!

Review of Foxy Curls by Bed Head TIGI

Foxy Curls by Bed Head TIGI. Price: 800 INR for 200 ml

Same products work differently on different people. Partly it’s also because of the way it is used and the combination of the products used. I try and test with a couple of products for my hair care routine till I find the best combination. To illustrate how I use my hair care products and make up, I’m going to guide you through the exact procedure that I follow.

Step 1:

Use a good shampoo, conditioner and stick to it for at least a few weeks to test how it suits your hair. I used  Nyassa’s Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner. Good or Bad part is the shampoo doesn’t have any fragrance. It’s light and doesn’t lather much. This is due to it’s ingredients I reckon. My hair felt light and tangle free.

Nyassa Hibiscus Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Nyassa Hibiscus Shampoo (750 INR for 230 ml and Conditioner (600 INR for 230 ml)

Step 2:

Pump in enough amount of Foxy Curls to cover your  towel dried curls

Foxy Curls TIGI Bed Head

Just pump in coin size portion of the crème or depending on your hair length

Bed Head TIGI Foxy Curls

Texture of Foxy Curls Creme

Step 3:

Scrunch. Scrunch. Scrunch

It’s important to scrunch your curly hair when it’s wet/towel dried even if you are not using a curling gel or cream. Creams help the curls set in for a longer duration.

Curly Hair

Scrunching your hair when wet is important

Step 4:

Smile and keep loving your curls

Easy Office Make up Look

My office make up look

I admit, I was expecting a regular cream or a gel. But I was quite amazed at how the product smells. Unlike L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Curls, this product doesn’t make my hair rough my curls stay put until the next day.

Make Up Details:

For everyday office make-up, I keep it simple with a simple eye make up (eyeliner- mascara and kajal)  and an effective lipstick. Red lipstick goes with almost  everything! You can never go wrong with that one. But yes, it’s important to choose the right shade.

To summarize just do your eyes the way you are always comfortable with and put on that favourite red lipstick of yours. I always root for team red. 🙂

  • Eye-liner: Oriflame Eye Liner Stylo. Price: 499
  • Mascara: Oriflame The One Price: 299
  • Kajal: Lakme Eyeconic Price: 250 INR
  • Foundation: Za Two Way Foundation Price: 550 INR for the foundation refill 
  • Lipstick: L’Oreal Pure Garnet from the Pure Reds Range Price: 995 INR

Photo Credit: Pallavi Kamath

What do you think about my simple office make up look? Tell me in the comments below or just email me at!

AR Rahman's Biography
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Book Review – A.R. Rahman: The Musical Storm

It’s a dull day. I’m not particularly interested in anything. I decide to play some songs to help me cheer up.

And then Dil hain chota sa.. choti si aasha.. plays!

Immediately I’m transported to a different world..

A. R. Rahman- the musical storm is nothing short of a magician. His works have touched millions and continue to mesmerise us everyday.

I rarely read biographies- I prefer autobiographies. This book particularly interested me purely because I was curious to read about A. R. Rahman.

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JW Marriott Sahar
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Sunday Brunch at JW Cafe

Mumbai has many restaurants for brunches. Some hotels are famous just for their Sunday brunches. Lotus Cafe in JW Marriott in Juhu is known to be one of the best restaurants for Sunday Brunches. So when I was invited to the newly opened JW Cafe in JW Marriott, Sahar I was curious to know how the spread at the restaurant to be. Having visited Juhu hotel more than a couple of times, I was particularly interested in the Sunday Brunch by this newly opened hotel in Sahar.

On a late Sunday, JW Cafe was busy with patrons devouring themselves with the sumptuous spread that the restaurant had to offer. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t mesmerised. Cuisines right from Mumbai Chaat to Sri Lankan cuisine was available. The restaurant was serving a diverse group of patrons- it was evident from the variety of cuisines available. What I found most amusing is the attractive pricing package- starting from 2015 INR.

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Buy snacks online
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Healthy Snacking Options

Whether you are on a weight loss mission or not, healthy snacking is always a good option. I’m that person who is ALWAYS HUNGRY! I call myself #TeamForeverHungry 

This is my life!

This is my life!

Every day when I feel ‘hungry’ at odd hours, I reach out to my ‘food drawer’ at work. I’ve tried to replace the junk food in the drawer with healthy snacks like fruits, but the heart wants what it wants right?

When I read somewhere that I could order HEALTHY YET DELICIOUS Snacks, I immediately wanted to give it a try.

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The Local Train



Everyday, millions of  Mumbaikars commute on the  Mumbai Suburban Railway. It’s not a surprise that it is the second busiest system in the world! The Mumbai Local can easily be called the life-line of Mumbai.

I asked fellow commuters to share their experiences and here, I have compiled their anecdotes. This may offer a slice of an average Mumbaikar’s life!

 Travelling on a local can be a daunting task especially when you misunderstand the announcements made. Tanvi Gangwar shares her story:

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Best Mumbai Book Blogger
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Books about Mumbai

I love reading. Not everything though. My interests keep varying. Currently it’s skewed towards non-fiction and mythology!

I’ve always liked reading about Mumbai and I love the way how some authors weave stories that depict Mumbai in its different forms. If I had to pick three books that are close to my heart – I’d say Maximum City, Family Matters and Shantaram. These books have picked out different essences of the city. Read on to know why I recommend reading these three books.

1. Maximum City- Bombay Lost and Found by Suketu Mehta


Image Source:

Favourite favourite favourite book! Okay, that was too many favourites. You get how much I love this book! The author- Suketu Mehta returns to his beloved city after 21 years and encapsulates Bombay- the city of contradictions in a book! I started off with the book with an intention of knowing a little more about the metropolis. Every bombayite has this love-hate relationship with the city. My Bombay may be different to your Bombay. That is the beauty of the city. This book will make you realise about alternative Bombays. What I thought the book could offer me was a tale of the city with the author’s perspective that may have been unrecognised by me.

I read this book about a year back and I could still relate to almost everything that the native author had to convey. Bombay- the city of bars, underworld gangs, poverty thrives amidst a stark opposite reality of bollywood glitz & glamour, high society and a polished life.

The author after almost two and a half year of research cleverly delves into characters’ to explore the different sides of Bombay that showcase disparity that’s not so shocking to us- Mumbaikars, yet it provides an insight to people who are not native to the city!

“There are many Bombays; through the writing of a book, I wanted to find mine” resonates with me very well.

The author, like me loves to call the city by its charming old name- Bombay!

Why Would I recommend this book? For the sheer brilliancy of apprehending the city like no other. 500 pages of Bombay Spirit

‘A city is only as thriving or sickly as your place in it. Each Bombayite inhabits his own Bombay’

2. Family Matters by Rohinton Mistry

Family Matters Best Book Review Blogger Mumbai

Image Source:

The book primarily explores the relationships and lives of a Parsi family and the community in focus. The book’s canvas also includes Mumbai’s right wing – Shiv Sena party

This book, set in the 90s is the author’s third book. Rohinton’s books has this melancholy that is hard to let go. It crushes you inside and makes you reconsider about how you view life. His perspective about a family life interlooped with the city in the background that beautifully captures the Mumbai of the 90s is hard to forget.

The book begins with Nariman Vakeel’s seventy-ninth birthday and further goes on to explore his life and relationships with his step children and daughter.

Anthropological information about Zoroastrianism is vaguely mentioned and sometimes detailed in the book as and when the stories start developing.

At the end of the book, I felt somewhat confounded- that’s the sort of feeling you are left with when you read a Rohinton Mistry book (A Fine Balance is my favourite Rohinton Mistry book)

Why would I recommend this book?  For Mistry’s vast knowledge of the Bombay customs, locales and languages. The panoramic characters  and his portrayal of Indian attitudes that is just spot on.

3. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

shantaram best book blogger in mumbai

Image Source: Wikipedia

Confession: At 944 pages, this book is the thickest book I’ve ever read. People from literature background may find this shocking, but there, I said it.

Though I think this book could have been a few hundred pages shorter, it does depict a lot about Mumbai as a city with a perspective that was unknown to me. Riddled with insights on poverty in the city mirroring the underground Mafia,  the semi-autobiographical book intrigued me about the adventures of Lin- the narrator. Hidden societies of prostitutes, bollywood actors, gangsters, beggars all live in tandem – known or unknown.

Lin searches for a deeper meaning in life through his search for love and his work at the clinic in of the poorest slums and his serving apprenticeship to a mafia lord.

Why would I recommend this book? A different world of  human experiences can be experienced through this book.

If you like to explore more book review bloggers in Mumbai or those who read book about Mumbai, do check my goodreads account.

I enjoy reading multiple books simultaneously! Currently, I’m into romantic fiction and Indian mythology. Here’s a lil’ sneak peek into what’s on my bookshelf right now.

Me Before You_JoJo_Moyes_FlyingShowes_LisaHoworth

Me before You by Jojo Moyes ~ A romantic novel

Devdutt Pattanaik_Business_Sutra

Business Sutra by Devdutt Pattanaik

Stay tuned, for I will review the above books soon on MOABG ❤

Contact Musings of a Bombay Girl

Contact Musings of a Bombay Girl

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Hola Chef – Experience & Review

Tired of eating the same tiffin every day; or want to order something special but bored of restaurant food? Hola Chef if the answer to your concerns!

Food Quote

Do you identify yourself with this quote? claims to be a fine-dine restaurant in the cloud! The meals at are cooked by chefs prepare using the finest of ingredients every day; and they serve you right at your doorsteps.

Holachef review in Mumbai

Here’s how the website looks like

HolaChef review in mumbai

Variety of dishes to pick from

Even got a discount coupon!   Knowing my penchant for trying out new food services, graciously offered me coupons worth 1000 INR which I could redeem at one meal. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of food available and how reasonable it was. Four of us had a sumptuous dinner for just 1000 INR.

Hola Chef review

My final order


Holachef review in Mumbai

Everything that I ordered from

I ordered a variety of veg and non-veg; Indian, Italian and continental. Apart from the soup- which was a major disappointment, everything else was okay.

Veg Makhanwala in Mumbai

Veg Makhanwala by Chef Madhavi

Malai Kofta in Mumbai

Malai Kofta by Sonam

Herb Grilled Fish in Mumbai

Herb Grilled Fish and Mashed Potato by Chef Bhakti Mehta

What AyeNuMe Likes:

  • Reasonable
  • Online ordering makes it easy and convenient
  • Menu changes every-day
  • Offers a good variety in terms of cuisines and dishes
  • Offers Lunch & Dinner
  • Can pre-order a meal or just order for the day depending on your need

What AyeNuMe Doesn’t Like:

  • Some dishes are oily
  • Can’t really experiment because you don’t know how it will taste- the case with my glass noodles soup
  • Only delivers to a few places in Mumbai

Final Verdict: Rating Hola Chef     Signature (2)

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Online Shopping Trends (Infograph)

Working in a digital agency is an exciting experience. I’m constantly on the look out of consumer insight, behaviour and trends. Recently, I chanced upon this very insightful infograph. The recent move by to turn into an app only shopping portal doesn’t come as a surprise, though many in India may doubt whether it’s a good move or no. Personally, I will miss the shopping experience from the desktop. Bad internet connection can also hamper shopping experience from the mobile.

I am not surprised that after consumer electronics, books and apparel are being purchased online. But what’s surprising in that people are buying more books compared to the clothes that they wear. Interesting trend.

If you look into the infograph carefully, you can gauge at consumer behaviour and social media marketers can use this effectively in their online communication!

Have interesting thoughts about this infograph? Share your comments below!

Courtesy of: Alight
Tropicana Slice Review
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Mangrooves and Mangoes

When life becomes just a series of tasks, I try to take a step back to analyse, to smell the roses.  I decide to take a relaxing break where I just don’t do anything and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I try visiting new places, catching up on all my missed tv shows & movies, read books that have started to gather dust.

Taking a break from work in Mumbai


But sometimes I visit my favourite place- Kerala. It’s bliss to forget everything about the daily chaos, deadlines, work pressure, hectic social life and everything mundane. The heart aches to do nothing for a while- being accustomed to a chaotic Mumbai, I do not like being getting accustomed to a leisurely life. The tiny little break as we call it of two or three weeks is all what the body and the soul craves for when life is just all about presentations, reports, client meetings. I am guilty of spending more time with my office laptop than my family. I’m guilty of just not having enough time. Days pass into months into years and then comes a day when I tell myself that it’s too much. I need a short vacation. I need to be calm. Only one place comes to my mind- Palakkad, Kerala my beloved Kerala where my close kin continue to stay. Where I spent my summer holidays during childhood days. My grand mom- I miss her. I miss her running behind me, as I avoid eating lunch- too simple for my liking. I miss her giving me mangoes slices that tastes just like heaven.

What makes me reminisce of my Kerala days, you may ask! Food is a part of all our memories. And any food that can make me remember my Kerala has a special place in my heart!

As I returned to Mumbai post a good three week break, I was welcomed by a huge box that was awaiting my return. Unable to mask my curiosity, I opened the box to find a hamper sent by the Tropicana Slice Team. Special mention to Amazon for taking extra care to individually pack six bottles.

Tropicana and Slice have merged their synergies to form the brand Tropicana Slice. Both the products were under PepsiCo. This merger is interesting just as their marketing is. Katrina remains to endorse the new brand without shifting focus from the goodness of Alphonso mangoes. Slice brings the expertise of nutrition and great taste to the table. At first, the Tropicana-Slice seems to be just a re-branding of sorts. So I was keen to taste the new product.

Boy, I love the new product. You can taste the difference, thanks to Tropicana’s fruit expertise. In a matter of three days six bottles seem to vanish! Yeah, we are a bunch of foodies at home.

best Tropicana SLICE  review

Just when I was missing Kerala, Tropicana Slice transported me back to Kerala- reminding me of my grand mom who cut luscious mangoes into slices that seem to just disappear within seconds- into our mouths!

Fun Fact: Tropicana Slice uses Ratnagiri Alphonso mangoes and Ratnagiri region on the Konkan coast are known to be the best source for premium Alphonso mangoes. Here, check out their TVC if you haven’t already

Everyone has their own choice of favourite mango drinks.  So I asked my family and close friends to try the product.

Here’s what they say,

  • It’s yummy and refreshing. Perfect drink for the summers ~ My Mom
  • I think it tasted like Slice, but a bit thicker ~ Reshmi, Sister
  • Umm, I like the cool new packaging and I guess it tasted a bit different ~ Neighbour

My Rating

I liked the all new Tropicana-Slice and would urge you to at least give it a try. Later, why don’t you drop by and leave comments to tell me what do you think about the drink?

Till then, stay in touch. Shoot me an email at ayenume2202@gmail, Tweet at me, or just like my Facebook Page!Signature (2)

Flipkart EveryWishFulfilled
Flipkart, online shopping

6 reasons why I love shopping at Flipkart!

I have shopped from Flipkart right from the days when they delivered just books. Today, I shop for almost everything right from books to home decor to clothes. Online shopping is the best option for those that want to be lazy and shop from home. I have limited my visits to retail stores these days. I find online shopping more convenient than store visits. Being in the digital media industry, I constantly keep myself updated on various brands and their social media campaigns. Flipkart’s latest campaign #EveryWishFulfilled tries to weave an interesting story and provides a humane touch to the delivery process. It also connects with viewers on different levels- kids, adolescents, youth and parents. This is a brilliant way to target multiple target groups.  Here’s the video:

The video reminded me of my childhood days and how things were different back then. I remember throwing temper tantrums as a kid. On one occasion, I demanded that I be gifted a box of my favourite pastel colours at a crazy hour and my parents found it extremely difficult to procure it. I tried to imagine how my parents would have reacted, if we had flipkart back then. As a loyal user I can proudly say that Flipkart continues to fulfil all my wishes.

6 reasons how #EveryWishFulfilled at Flipkart and why I continue to shop from them:

  1. Books

Being an avid reader, what I love about Flipkart is their huge collection of books and the discounts that they offer. An added bonus is their witty bookmark that accompanies almost every book. The joy of receiving a new book is unparalleled.

  1. Online Window Shopping

Here’s a confession: I window shop, online. Whenever, I’m low, I cheer myself by logging onto Flipkart, shopping for many items by adding them to my cart. And when I see the outrageous bill amount, I quietly log out. Only to return a few minutes later to drop ‘unwanted’ items off the cart and make a quick buy. The whole exercise lasts for about a few hours! It’s difficult to gauge how quickly time passes by when you are fervently

  1. All in one Store

It amazes me how Flipkart has grown to include almost every store right from electronics to fashion. With so many options available, the dilemma is not about not finding the right product but it’s about picking the right one!

  1. Super Offers

The offers that I get at Flipkart are way better than any retail store.

  1. Customer Service

Sometimes, certain clothes have size or fitting issues. Flipkart has easy replacement or return policies which makes it convenient to shop

  1. Speedy Delivery

The quick one day delivery option is the best thing about emergency shopping. I don’t mind paying an extra amount for super fast delivery!

Flipkart takes extra effort to get #EveryWishFulfilled. What do you think about Flipkart’s latest campaign? Tell me in the comments below!

Connect with me on my social media channels below or just email me at

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