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Online Shopping Trends (Infograph)

Working in a digital agency is an exciting experience. I’m constantly on the look out of consumer insight, behaviour and trends. Recently, I chanced upon this very insightful infograph. The recent move by to turn into an app only shopping portal doesn’t come as a surprise, though many in India may doubt whether it’s a good move or no. Personally, I will miss the shopping experience from the desktop. Bad internet connection can also hamper shopping experience from the mobile.

I am not surprised that after consumer electronics, books and apparel are being purchased online. But what’s surprising in that people are buying more books compared to the clothes that they wear. Interesting trend.

If you look into the infograph carefully, you can gauge at consumer behaviour and social media marketers can use this effectively in their online communication!

Have interesting thoughts about this infograph? Share your comments below!

Courtesy of: Alight
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Dum Laga Ke Haisha ~ Anu Malik composes for Anu Menon

Recently I came across a unique Twitter activity by Dum Laga Ke Haisha- Ayushmann Khurrana’s soon to released movie.

Users were invited to share their love messages. I liked how the creatives had the 90s feel to it. It reminded of the old days.


Curious that I was, I shared my tweet. *Please do not judge me*

Within a few minutes, the brand tweeted back to me with Anu Malik’s composition!

Anu Malik’s song to Anu Menon! 😀

Overall, the campaign has been doing well and I look forward to watch the movie.

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Use Your AND ~ Campaign + Product Review of Gillette Venus

Gillette Venus

How many times have you heard something like this, “Really Pretty girls are never that smart” or “Look how skinny she is. She could put on some weight and be more beautiful”. It’s always about how women are either this or that. Why can’t women be THIS AND THAT? Yes, women are more than just labels. We are multi-dimensional. We always embrace the AND. It’s about our AND STAND.

Gillette Venus razor review

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Have You Said No To Bars yet..?

Let me be honest here, I hate soap bars. I don’t remember the last time I even used it. The thought of using soaps makes me go yuck- It’s a personal choice.

I prefer to use hand wash, body lotions, face wash etc and have ditched the old bar ages ago. I’m sure, a lot of girls will agree with me and it’s so not uncommon for us to not use the bars.

But when it comes to some men..well, that’s another story altogether, isn’t it?

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Three things no one ever told you about Twitter!

Like I promised, here I am back with my Twitter tips and tricks. 😉

If you have missed my earlier post, read it here

Have been wanting to write this post since a long time. Finally, here it is.

1. You can TURN-OFF re-tweets 

Yes, you read it right! Sometimes, it can annoy you when someone you follow RTs a lot of tweets within a short span of time. You wouldn’t want to un-follow them, but what to do if their RTs are annoying? Simple solution: Turn off Retweets.

2. How to expand your Twitter search 

Peeps working with social media agencies will relate to this one! Previously, Twitter search enabled users to search within a radio of upto a 1000km or whatever you want.

All you have to do is, do the regular search and change the distance from 15miles, which is the standard search radius, to whatever you wish.

3. Discover

How many of you actually use the #Discover tab?

If you are not using it already, it’s time that you did!

The Discover tab is sort of social media gossip cum news centre. Twitter brilliantly customises tweets and news and delivers it to you in the discover tab. Some times you may find it boring but trust me, it’s a very useful tab!

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Top 5 Websites to follow if you are a Social Media Enthusiast!

If you are a digital media fanatic, you should definitely check out the following websites. They are arranged in no particular order. These websites are updated very regularly and you must check them out every day at least once. There are a lot of websites out there, but the following ones are the websites that I regularly follow.


Apart from these, you can also get out various bookmarking websites like Stumbleupon and Digg.

It is important that you regularly read up on case-studies and best practices across the world. The more you read, the better it is. Cultivate the habit of dedicating at-least an hour to reading. In the long run, it will prove helpful.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for my other posts. 🙂

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Two years of Tweeting

I have been working in the digital media industry for over two years now.

My love affair with twitter started the day I joined my first job. I had a twitter account but never actually cared to use it well. On the first day of my first job,we were briefed the importance on Twitter in digital media. We were asked to tweet regularly and engage with people randomly. Little did I know that this will turn into a fascination!

Image Courtesy: Weheartit

Over the past two years, I  have been tweeting actively. To be honest, I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Twitter. But, I’m fond of twitter and I tweet A LOT. My fascination with Twitter helped me with second job which was primarily
twitter-focused. Come weekends, and I talk about the latest “trending topics”, “contests” and “crazy tweets”. Friends who are completely clueless just gape at me. Then I remember that they are not from digital media. Colleagues, friends and acquaintances have been constantly asking me about my passion for Twitter. They are perplexed about my addiction and simply can’t understand WHY I tweet so much. My reply is the same: I tweet whatever I feel like. That’s the crux.

A friend recommended that I should pen down my thoughts! And I thought, hell yeah. This led to my first social media post. Go check  Pro Tips for Twitter newbies on my second blog and let me know if you like it.

I plan to write more articles. Taking one thing at a time.